About RSSR Radiance

About Us

We are determined to customer satisfaction and uncompromising integrity by delivering products and services that are of immense value and high standard. With never let loose of customers expectations and ensuring customer satisfaction. We are agile in responding to our clients needs. We are committed towards procuring and supplying the standardized products that are meant with international standards.

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About RSSR Radiance

Since the inception in 1998, RSSR Radiance has grown extensively to prove its stand in the competitive market today. With our Managing Director having an academic excellence in Chemicals, it has helped the business grow in manifolds.

Company serves

Growing steadily over the years, its turned into a premier name in the food processing field. Today, the company serves clients across Chennai, Tamil nadu and Middle East.

RSSR Radiance Advantage

Manufacturing facilities for Processing and Packing, Well equipped team to handle all operations.
In house laboratory providing chemical and microbiological and analytical services.

Our Responsibility

RSSR Radiance is responsible for the creation, management, vision and execution of the business. RSSR Radiance is proud to be a associated with many leading names of the food beverage industry.

Our Goals

RSSR Radiance was founded with an aim to deliver excellent products and services which include the finest processed grains and pulses etc…

Our Focus on Quality

Our strengths are modern technology, manufacturing flexibility and product consistency. Our product range is wide and encompasses the finest selection of grains and pulses etc…

The Process

From sourcing to packaging and delivery, our entire production process is geared to ensure quality and complete customer satisfaction. We source fruits and vegetables from our own orchards and nearby farms.

The Infrastructure

RSSR Radiance has a robust infrastructure with Production Lines, Warehouses, Ripening Chambers in order to facilitate its growth in terms of Quantity and Quality.


Quality has always been a very centric and important part of RSSR Radiance. Our quality team constantly reviews the company’s Quality policies and processes to ensure finest quality to our customers.

Product Quality

Production process ensures minimal human touch and flavor / colour loss.
Our own temperature Controlled Ware houses maintain optimum product quality.


We have been selling our products directly to the customers employed in almost all Central and State Govt.Offices. The products manufactured by us are NUMBER ONE in QUALITY as the products are prepared from Garden Fresh Grains, very rich in essential minerals, vitamins and other Nutritive factors – very delicious – homely and hygienically prepared.

Our Vision

With a vision to bring natural and chemical-free way of living life to every doorstep,RSSR Radiance is a leading organic retail store offering a wide range of natural alternatives in groceries, raw foods, personal care, home care, healthcare and nutritional supplements from major brands in organic space.